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Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have said about BadCreditLoansWizard.com Financial Services:

"I needed a small amount urgently to cover some bills and you got me approved in less than 24 Hs. You are amazing. Thank you!"
Applied: Feb 11th, 2007 Approved: Feb 11th, 2007 Gary, L.A.
"I was trying to purchase a car but everywhere I was required to have a job history of at least 2 years. The problem was that I have been working only for a couple of months. Fortunately you knew of a lender that was willing to approve my car loan despite this fact. Truth is that I wouldnít be driving my car without your help."
Applied: Mar 2nd, 2007 Approved: Mar 7th, 2007 Steven, MS
"I know y'all hear it every single day, but I was very much in need of a loan. You looked past my (poor) credit score and focused on the person behind the numbers. No one does that anymore."
Applied: Mar 13th, 2010 Approved: Mar 18th, 2010 Mary Ellen K.
"Thank you for getting me approved for a bad credit loan. Iíve tried several sites like yours before without success. You are great!"
Applied: Oct 7th, 2006 Approved: Oct 12th, 2006 Megan
"I needed a tenant loan and I was having problems getting it. I have no collateral and I rent. Yet, you found me a loan within a day! I just couldnít believe it. Iíve tried to get a lender to approve an unsecured loan for me for months. You guys are great! "
Applied: Dec 11th, 2006 Approved: Dec 12th, 2006 Lindsay, MD
"I didn't know I could get that extra cash even already having a mortgage on my home. Your guides are great!"
Applied: Sep 9th, 2005 Approved: Sep 30th, 2005 Dennis Johnson
"Going through a bankruptcy was something I had to do because there was no other choice. However, now that things where looking better for me, I couldnít get approved for any loan due to the past bankruptcy popping out every time a lender pulled my credit report. I read your claims about loans after bankruptcy and though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to join. I canít begin to help you enough for what youíve done. You helped me understand how to overcome the consequences of bankruptcy and get approved for a loan. Keep up with this excellent work, there are many people that need you."
Applied: Aug 15th, 2011 Approved: Aug 28th, 2011 Robin, SC
"Two days for an unsecured loan? It's hard to believe but I'm not complaining at all I just can't believe my luck."
Applied: Jan 5th, 2010 Approved: Jan 7th, 2010 Lee Sawyer
"I needed a loan for a cosmetic treatment and nobody approved me. I tried everywhere unsuccessfully. I was disappointed and frustrated when a friend of mine recommended your site. I joined without much hopes but you soon got me approved. Iím so happy I could keep on writing a longer thank you note but I donít want to waste your time. Thank you, thank you!"
Applied: Jul 8th, 2007 Approved: Jul 17th, 2007 Laura, WA
"I canít believe this. I was so discouraged and depressed, I kept hearing NO, NO, NO. Every Application came rejected and with you guys, not only I got extra money with a home equity loan but I also got to refinance my car loan. I thought I would loose my car. I am so happy now, and relieved. Thanks so much. "
Applied: Jul 26th, 2004 Approved: Sep 5th, 2004 Joana W, OR
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