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Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have said about BadCreditLoansWizard.com Financial Services:

"Fast service, top notch customer service and professional lenders. What more can one ask for?"
Applied: Apr 20th, 2010 Approved: Apr 26th, 2010 Isabella, AZ
"To all you potential customers out there, don't hesitate, I did and it cost me precious weeks. I applied and was approved within days."
Applied: May 23rd, 2010 Approved: May 30th, 2010 Ellen, PA
"I needed a motor vehicle loan for purchasing a bus for a non profit organization but the terms had to be affordable due to the purpose of the loan. Your great support team soon took care of the issue and found me a lender that provided the motor vehicle loan with a promotional rate. I want to thank both the lender and your firm for the great work."
Applied: Jul 23rd, 2007 Approved: Jul 28th, 2007 Omar Welch
"I would want to give you a hug! You cannot begin to know how helpful youíve been to me and what a huge relief was to hear that I got approved for that loan. I didnít know what I was going to do otherwise. Iím so glad, Thank you so much!"
Applied: Sep 30th, 2005 Approved: Oct 11th, 2005 Susan, FL
"I was a bit nervous because Iím old enough for being afraid of technology and internet. But you where very helpful and aided me throughout the whole loan process. Iím glad I decided to work with you. And Iím even gladder I got approved!"
Applied: Apr 9th, 2004 Approved: Aug 7th, 2004 Patsy, NV
"I want to thank you for letting us accomplish our goals. Now that the future was looking brighter for us, we just wanted to get rid of our debt as fast as possible. We got approved for a consolidation loan and not only will we be saving thousands on interest but we will also be able to put money aside for buying a new car in the near future. We will be debt-free in a short time, thanks a lot!"
Applied: Jul 18th, 2003 Approved: Aug 8th, 2003 Traci King
"Youíve been so helpful in the past with all the advice and information on how to improve my chances of getting a loan. Well, Iíve finally applied and got approved for an unsecured personal loan. Let me tell you it feels great being able to get finance again. Iíll use this money wisely this time. I really appreciate all your help. God bless you!"
Applied: Jun 5th, 2005 Approved: Jun 16th, 2005 Latasha, IL
"My credit was not that bad, but my debt-to-income ratio was through the roof, so no one wanted to finance me. Luckily for me, you were the exception!"
Applied: Mar 13th, 2010 Approved: Mar 19th, 2010 Richard Cummings
"I was in such a rush to get money, I can't believe how quick this was. Thanks so much!"
Applied: Jan 2nd, 2011 Approved: Feb 1st, 2011 Stacy Thompson
"Until two months ago, I didn't have any medical insurance. The loan you got me helped me to cover the cost of eye surgery, I needed it urgently and I was approved as soon as possible."
Applied: Apr 18th, 2010 Approved: Apr 22nd, 2010 Edward, NY
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