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Three Common Mistakes To Avoid When Consolidating

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Consolidating may be a solution to your debt problems but you need to be extremely careful. Rushing in and deciding to hire a debt consolidation agency’s services may lead you to more problems than solutions it can provide. Your credit score and your ability to get finance in the future depend on your conscious decision. There are three common mistakes you want to avoid when consolidating your debt. The reason why people make these mistakes is that they are not well informed; they do not meditate enough before requesting debt consolidation services and they do not prepare themselves for such a process.

Not all Debt Can be Consolidated

The mere fact that you have too much debt is not reason enough for consolidating. Debt Consolidation is basically a process where the agent negotiates with your creditors new conditions so as to provide you with debt relief. The negotiation involves debt rescheduling, lowering interest rates, eliminating debt produced by capitalization of interests and fees, etc.

The problem is that not all debt can be negotiated. There are certain lenders that are not disposed to negotiate new terms. Those lenders who hold real estate guarantees against the loans are seldom willing to agree new loan terms. Thus, if your debt is mainly composed of secured loans, chances are that consolidating your debt will not be to your advantage. In such cases, the best thing you can do is to refinance those loans.

Consolidating When in Need of Finance

Resorting to debt consolidation when you know you will need to borrow money right away or in the near future is not a smart thing to do. The debt consolidation process will temporarily reduce your ability to get finance while all your debts are stabilized and consolidated. During this period it is extremely difficult to get approved for a loan.

When a lender comes to know that you are undertaking debt consolidation, an alarm will trigger. Lenders think that if you were not able to repay your debt and had to join a debt consolidation program, you are high risk and they will think twice before lending to you. After some time has passed after consolidating your debt and if you have records of timely payments, you will be able to get finance without hassles.

Picking the Agency Carefully

Unless you avoid rushing in and you take your time reviewing different consolidation agencies, you may end up with a company that will not do anything at all to improve your financial situation. You need to be especially careful with those agencies that take charge of your payments on your behalf. It is an excellent service but make sure to get the corresponding receipts so you can be certain that payments have actually been made.

Most of these companies are legit and provide consolidation services with more or less efficiency. However, there are some companies that claim to be consolidation agencies and are nothing but scams. So do not hire a debt consolidation agency’s services and leave it all to them. Instead, stay in contact with them, ask questions, exercise some control over their actions, etc. After all, it is your financial situation which is at stake and you have the right to know how they are solving your problems.

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